The Tone Note® Music Method not only promotes success, it delivers it
Bass lessons with Mike Overly have been more than learning notes on a page and learning a few chords so there is an attempt to play one song. Mike is through and complete in his teaching and his method. Lessons are more than learning to play music, they are about becoming a musician
My son, Jake, began bass lessons with Mike at age 5. I didn't know what to expect with such a young child, and Jake was persistent in his interest to learn the bass. As a parent with a musical background, not in bass, I know the importance of a relationship between teacher and student as well as the method of teaching. Bass always seemed so complicated to me and I wanted to give Jake every possible tool for success. Right from the beginning, Mike easily went to Jake's level and engaged him with the Tone Note Music Method, starting with Bass Fretboard Flashcards. Mike is giving Jake all the tools necessary for success. Jake is now 12, and eight years later, that success he experiences with Mike through the Tone Note Music Method fuels his passion and desire to continue. Everything Jake has experienced has been positive. There has been little frustration and I know this is entirely due to Mike and the structure of the Tone Note Music Method. Jake is able to grasp concepts as they are presented and build on them each and every lesson. It has been amazing to witness Jake becoming a musician.
I know Jake's experiences with music and Mike have positively affected his learning in other areas. As a homeschool parent, the Tone Note Music Method fits perfectly into our lesson plans and independent study. It is written and taught in a manner so the student can learn and work independently without the parent having the knowledge of the bass. It is through and complete.
We, as a family, are so blessed to have this method. Music is a gift to pass to our future generations. Jake at this point is able to take a piece of music and play it in any key. He understands how to play melody or harmony. It is a joy to listen to him. He is looking forward to advancing his knowledge and technique and becoming a part of a performance group.
The Tone Note Music Method is revolutionary It has clarified music and simplified the process of learning the bass. It is exciting to have a teaching method available that not only promotes success, it delivers it.
- Amy Sanford, Mother of a Tone Note® student

An amazing number of songs in such a short amount of time
Both of my boys, Mason age 8, and Logan age 10, have been taking lessons with Mike for about 7 months. In this short time, they have learned an amazing number of songs that they can play in any key using the Tone Note Music Method.
Mike has proven to be a patient and thorough teacher. He interacts incredibly well with my children and they love him. Thanks Mike!
- Jim Pennington, Father of two Tone Note® students

My son's love of music has grown with his knowledge and ability on bass
My son, AJ, has always had an interest in music and the bass. He has been taking lessons with Mike for 3 years, and his love of music has grown just as much as his knowledge and ability on bass.
I would highly recommend the 12 Tone School of Music - the website, the flashcards, and the private lessons. All are amazing for the musical development of the student.
- Julie Zuchini, Mother of a 12 Tone School of Music student

Our son Is achieving both his music and bass goals
The Tone Note Method is an excellent new theory that has allowed our son Adam to be able to achieve several goals.
Adam began traditional lessons in the hope of obtaining one or two positions in the school's jazz band. It was frustrating and difficult for him to memorize so many staff notes and chords. We were told Adam would never know enough to even try out for the position he desired in such a short amount of time. Accepting defeat, we decided we would have to wait until next year to audition. Then our luck changed. We met Mike Overly.
Mike introduced us to his Tone Note Music Method. We decided to give it a try... after all, the traditional lessons were not working. Adam quickly began to progress both in theory and technique. It was so easy and fun. The Tone Note Music Method made sense and Adam was excited to play bass again! As a result, not only did Adam learn enough to play the audition piece, he also landed the top spot he wanted!
We have been continuing with Mike and his method for several months now and it only keeps getting better and better. We definitely recommend the Tone Note Music Method to all new and old musicians alike. Thank you Mike Overly!
- The Hayes Family, Parents of 12 Tone student.

Our son has been re-awakened by the Tone Note Music Method
Our son, Caleb, has been re-awakened by the Tone Note® Method of learning. This amazing method is helping him to be able to play songs in any key without hours of pre-rehearsal. It has also helped him with quick decision making and made him accountable for practice. Mike Overly is challenging Caleb in ways that were not there with previous teachers. Great Method!
~ Cathy and Gary Rigmaiden, Parents of a Tone Note® student.

We have discover a Gold Mine
My daughter, Taylor, was six when she took her first bass lesson with Mike. I honestly didn't know much about Mike or what to expect. As I listened to Taylor's first lesson with Mike, I felt we had discovered a gold mine in the city of Dayton. Not only is Mike an excellent musician, he is an incredibly talented yet humble teacher who has refined and perfected his unique Tone Note teaching method to what it is today (awesome!). Mike individualizes his lessons, and has rewritten many popular songs that Taylor has wanted to learn. This has provided opportunities for Taylor to perform in public. Mike is a 5-star teacher I highly recommend.

My other daughter, Angela, was also six when she began lessons with Mike. Angela, who has down syndrome, had an attention span of about ten minutes but a strong desire to learn. Mike treated her like any other student and set the bar high. Because his method is so clear, logical and well-organized, Angela, who is now ten, can play the melody and the harmony of many simple songs in every key using all six strings! How many ten-year-old kids can say the same?  She has performed at school and at talent shows. Her school principal was so impressed that he noted Angela's accomplishments at a staff meeting. I am truly amazed at her progress and how quickly she is learning. Mike is bringing out the best in Angela. I would recommend Mike as a teacher to any student with special needs.
~ Karen Shehata, Mother of two Tone Note® students.